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        Friday, 02:32 Day 29/11/2019

        Tan Binh District with stable economic development, complete infrastructure, located at the bridge between the downtown area and the surrounding districts such as Go Vap, Tan Phu, District 12 ...; It is also the location for Tan Son Nhat airport, so Tan Binh owns many office buildings with good rental rates. Tan Binh office buildings near Tan Son Nhat airport receive the most attention, especially from the logistics group.
        Saigon Office will introduce the top 10 office buildings nearly Tan Son Nhat airport so that customers who are interested in Tan Binh area will have the best options.

        1. CT Plaza Building

        • Address: 60 Truong Son - Tan Binh District
        • Structure: 2 basements, 10 floors, 4 elevators.
        • Leasing area: 100m2 - 200m2 - 214m2 - 240m2.

        CT Plaza Truong Son
        CT Plaza Building 60A Truong Son

        CT Plaza building is located on the front of Truong Son street, opposite to Tan Son Nhat airport; Not only located in a convenient transportation center, the building also owns commercial floors with full services, entertainment, food and shopping.
        With a total area of ​​over 33,000 m2, with 2 basements and 10 floors, CT Plaza building is designed with modern appearance and equipment investment in accordance with the standards of a multi-function building.

        2. Pico Plaza Building

        • Address: 20 Cộng Hòa - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 15 floors, 4 elevators.
        • Leasing area: 500m2 - 600m2 - 1000m2.

        Pico Plaza Cong Hoa

        Pico Paza Building - 20 Republic

        Pico Plaza Building is located on Cong Hoa Street, a 10-minute drive from Tan Son Nhat Airport, right in the most commercial center of Tan Binh District and next to other high-class office buildings. Pico Plaza has an area of ​​about 1,000m2 with an optimal simple design suitable for groups of companies wishing to rent small and medium offices.

        3. Hà Đô Airport Building.

        • Address: 2 Hồng Hà - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: 2 basements, 1 ground floor, 15 floors, 4 elevators.
        • Leasing area: 96, 169, 187, 171, 143m2.

        HADO Airport
        Ha Do Airport - 02 Hong Ha

        Ha Do Airport building is located in front of Hong Ha street, 500m from Tan Son Nhat airport and near commercial centers such as Parkson, Super Bowl ... easy to access with banking, ATM, transportation ... as well Other catering and shopping services.
        With a 2-floor, 15-storey bridge and a total office area of ​​more than 10,000m2, Ha Do Airport building has a simple and modern interior design, suitable for small and medium business customers (information). details here).

        4. Hai Au building

        • Address: 39B Trường Sơn - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 12 floors and 4 elevators
        • Leasing area: 80 - 110 - 160 - 175 - 220 - 300 - 750 m2

        Hai Au Building

        Hai Au building - 39 Truong Son

        Hai Au building is located on the main road of Truong Son, full of facilities such as restaurants, cafes, cafes, transaction banks, transportation ..., this place attracts many businesses to work.
        12-storey building with a total leasing area of ​​about 12000m2. In which the maximum floor area is 1000m2 or can be flexibly divided from 80m2 - 750m2. Hai Au Building Truong Son Building is designed in a square modern style with the outside being the dark green of stone interlaced with gray and white eyebrows of the wall creating a neat, luxurious overall.

        5. Hong Anh Japan Building

        • Address: 24 Trường Sơn - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: 1 basement, 5 floors and 1 elevator.
        • Leasing area: 25 - 100 m2

        Hong Anh Japan Building
        Hong Anh Japan Building - 24 Truong Son

        Hong Anh Building is located on the spacious Truong Son street facade, convenient transportation and about 200m from the airport. The front of the yard has a large yard, cars come in and out sometimes. The new building has a small floor area of ​​200m2 but has a modern design, spacious and airy corridors, so many companies prefer to choose long-term lease.

        6. ALOHA Building

        • Address: 68 Hồng Hà - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: 1 basement, 4 floors and 1 elevator.
        • Leasing area: 140 - 180 - 200 - 300 - 540m2.

        Aloha Building
        ALoha Building - 68 Hong Ha

        Aloha Building is conveniently located on Hong Ha Street, with wide convenient roads, about 500m from the airport and also quite a full range of service utilities. Although the building is small with 1 ground and 4 floors, modern design, high and airy ceiling.

        7. Etown Cong Hoa:

        The project has a total of 5 buildings: 1, 2. 3, EW, 5 and the sports complex.

        • Address: 364 Cộng Hòa - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: buildings with 3-12 storeys; A total of 18 elevators + 4 emergency lifts
        • Leasing area: 75 - 164 - 227 - 293 - 458 - 590 - 1,418 m2.

        Etown 5 Building

        Etown Building - 364 Cong Hoa

        The chain of Etown buildings is located right on the front of Cong Hoa Street, a key economic area of ​​Tan Binh District, focusing on many utilities, commercial, banking and administrative centers. Moreover, the internal utilities of the buildings are quite adequate for office workers: canteen, swimming pool, supermarket, gym, sports area ... Etown is one of the few high-end office buildings. meeting grade B standards of Tan Binh district.

        8.Sabay Hong Ha Building

        • Address: 11A Hồng Hà - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: 2 basements, 9 floors and 1 elevator.
        • Leasing area: 35m2 - 50m2 - 70m2 - 120m2 - 200m2.

        Sabay Office Hong Ha

        Sabay Building - 11A Hong Ha

        Sabay Hong Ha Building is located on the road connecting Tan Son Nhat Airport with easy access to many utilities. The flexible leasing area ranges from 35-200 m2 with the strikingly bright glass exterior in the area, the building will be suitable for small and medium businesses that need new and modern looking office.

        9. Mekong Building

        • Address: 92 Bach Dang - Tan Binh District.
        • Structure: 2 basements, 10 floors and 2 elevators.
        • Leasing area: 60 - 100 - 170 - 220 - 440 - 660 m2.


        Mekong Building


        Mekong Building - 92 Bach Dang

        The Mekong Building is only about 700 m from Tan Son Nhat Airport, the area has many banking, administrative, transportation facilities, ... as well as shopping entertainment services, restaurants, etc. The building is located frontage of Bach Dang street is conveniently connected to the districts of Go Vap, Phu Nhuan and Binh Thanh.

        10. Republic Plaza

        • Address: 18E Cộng Hòa - Tân Bình District.
        • Structure: 1 basement + 14 storeys and 4 elevators.
        • Leasing area: 250 - 500 - 1000 - 2200 - 3000 - 5000 m2.
          • Republic Plaza Cong Hoa

        Republic Plaza Building - 18E Cong Hoa

        Building is located on Cong Hoa Street, the golden street of Tan Binh District, the most crowded street gathering many large buildings, along with a series of large supermarket utilities, shopping malls, famous restaurants. , chain of brand cafe, ...Republic Plaza

        Republic Plaza has a large floor area of ​​about 5000m2, luxurious design, high-class equipment ... standard Grade B office building suitable for large companies, a large number of employees.

        Tan Binh District is an area where many businesses are working in the field of logistics and information technology, especially the area near Tan Son Nhat airport. The demand for offices is increasing and the office selection standards of businesses are also increasing, so the supply of new office buildings near the airport increases. Businesses need to rent office will have more new options with many different price segments.