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SAIGON OFFICE acts as a bridge between real estate investors who are office buildings, commercial centers ... to the business community who are looking for office buildings, commercial premises to developing and expanding production and business activities. Our staff is always pioneering, dynamic and efficient, bringing our partners and customers valuable, practical and practical services as a credit service provider in the field of real estate. for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. You just need to provide the information via the simple registration form below, our specialists will proceed to work with you immediately after receiving the information.

When submitting information, partners only need to provide contact information and rental information (it is not necessary to have a picture if the partner has not prepared), our media specialists will support support taking photos or videos of products to bring information to customers quickly and accurately.


1. Guaranteed to bring many advantages and efficiency for you partners.
2. Product images are professionally and impressively built.
3. Consulted by leading experts and knowledgeable about the market.
4. Save time, optimize investment efficiency.
5. Absolute security of the information provided.

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