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SAIGON OFFICE ✅ Office for lease in District 5 ✅Flexible leasing area in Grade A, Grade B and Grade C buildings, convenient traffic location. Customers contact Saigon Office to get the best rental 0908 600 359
Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5.0 out of 5 with 10 ratings

SAIGON OFFICE ✅ Office for lease in District 5 with many office buildings built and equipped with modern facilities, to bring many advantages for businesses doing business and economic transactions. The history of District 5 is closely related to the formation and development of Cho Lon area, the Chinese community and the 300-year history of Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City. The District has a transportation network - Economic trade has been formed for a long time, is one of the major economic centers of Ho Chi Minh City with a full range of high quality services such as: School system Famous University, Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cho Ray Hospital, An Dong Trade Center, 4-star Winsor hotel, a system of big banks such as Vietcombank, BIDV, Vietinbank ... Therefore, District 5 will be the location It is only extremely convenient for businesses to trade and cooperate in the business of the company here ..

  • Nguyen Bieu Street - District 5 - HCMC
  • Office space:
    30sqm - 50sqm - 120sqm
  • Price: 13++ (usd/sqm/month)

  • Grade : Class C
  • 86 Nguyen Trai Street - District 5 - HCMC
  • Office space:
    160sqm - 460sqm - 500sqm
  • Price: 15++ (usd/sqm/month)

  • Grade : Class C
  • 77 Tran Nhan Ton Street - District 5 - HCMC
  • Office space:
    300sqm - 400sqm - 500sqm - 700sqm - 1.120sqm
  • Price: 15++ (usd/sqm/month)

  • Grade : Class B
  • 1119 Tran Hung Dao Street - District 5 - HCMC
  • Office space:
    100sqm - 200sqm - 300sqm - 314sqm
  • Price: 12++ (usd/sqm/month)

  • Grade : Low price office
  • 542 TRAN HUNG DAO Street - District 5 - HCMC
  • Office space:
    90sqm - 115sqm - 200sqm
  • Price: 11++ (usd/sqm/month)

  • Grade : Class C

The office rental market is very diverse to meet the different needs and budgets of each business. So the office market is divided into many different segments such as Grade A office, Grade B office, Grade C office package office and low price office. However, if there is no experience, customers may still encounter problems.


Saigon Office would like to share some points to note when customers search for offices in Ho Chi Minh City


Depending on the difference in the business sector will lead to differences in demand. However, every office must be considered on the basic criteria such as: Location, rental price, building standards, quality of building management, environmental facilities (banking and disease services) institutes, food shops, convenient traffic locations ...) and an indispensable criterion is whether the rent is stable, in line with the company's budget.

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