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      24 (usd/sqm/month)

      5.0 out of 5 with 3 ratings


      Updated on: 06/01/2022
      • Address : 131 Dien Bien Phu Street - Binh Thanh District
      • Number of Storeys : 4 Basement + 22 Storeys
      • Office space : 197 - 372 - 433 - 444 - 888 - 1.332 - 2.220 - 5000sqm
      • Building Direction: Southeast    
      • Grade : Class A
      • Price : 24(usd/sqm/month)
      • Management fee : 5.5(usd/sqm/month)
      • VAT (Value added tax 10%) : 10%
      • Electricity bill : Based on state price
      • Motorbike Parking Fee : 8 USD/space/month
      • Car Parking Fee : 80 USD/space/month
      • Overtime Fee : The deal
      • Rental period : At least 2 years

      Note: Prices and rental area may change over time. Please contact Saigon Office 0901 413 388 to update the latest rental price and area


      V-IKON Tower was invested with a scale of 4 basements and 23 floors (with a height of 130m), one of the few office buildings with a helicopter landing pad. With luxurious design, modern, fully equipped, the building has been awarded an international award as one of the 10 most beautiful towers in Asia voted by the Asian architectural association BCI (BCI ASIA AWARDS) in 2010. At the top of the V-Ikon building is an antenna tower 27m high, 3.2m in diameter and lit up at night, helping the building stand out in the heart of Binh Thanh District and adjacent to District 1 financial center.

      V-Ikon Tower has a floor structure using pre-stressed cable system, in order to limit concrete pillars, 14m width without columns. With outstanding height in the area, V-Ikon Tower owns panoramic views of Nhieu Loc Canal, Saigon River, Thao Cam Vien Saigon and the beautiful District 1 central area.

      Traffic location of V-Ikon Tower

      V-Ikon Building is located at 129A - 135A Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District. A major artery route from the center of District 1 to Saigon Bridge. From the location of the building, tenants can easily connect the traffic along the routes of Dien Bien Phu - Vo Thi Sau - Hai Ba Trung, Dien Bien Phu - Nguyen Binh Khiem - Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dien Bien Phu - XVNT - NH13, Dien Bien Phu - Saigon Bridge - Hanoi Highway.

      • About 600m from GEM Center.
      • About 700m from Le Van Tam Park.
      • About 1km from District 1 People's Committee, District 3 People's Committee and Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee.
      • About 2.5 km away from the US consulate general, British consulate, French consulate, German consulate and Chinese consulate. 
      • About 1.5km from Hong Bang University and Hutech University.

      Facilities and services at V-Ikon Tower

      V-Ikon Tower is fully invested with the most advanced equipment and professionally managed and operated, in order to offer tenants a luxurious, quality office space and create A dynamic, positive, energetic working environment for office workers working here.

      • V-Ikon Tower is managed, supervised and controlled by BMS (Building Management System). BMS is an automation technology, a combination of technologies including mechanics, electricity, electronics, computers and communications.
      • V-Ikon Tower is equipped with 5 elevators with speed of 2.5m / s in which 4 passenger lifts with capacity of 1,000kg (13 people) and 1 cargo elevator with capacity of 1,150kg (15 people).
      • The building has 2 Mc way Daikin central air conditioners imported directly from the US, which is the central air conditioner with the latest technology applied in Vietnam. On each floor of the office floor, there are FCU (Fan coil units) that distribute cold air evenly to the areas and are controlled by the BMS (Building Management System) to ensure providing the building with an environment. Fresh and cool air.
      • Vikon Tower is equipped with intelligent ventilation system, all floors are equipped with the latest IAQ (Indoor air quality) sensing sensor, which can touch 25 different flavors including CO2 to open the wind. freshly supply into the workspace and exhaust the corresponding exhaust air, ensuring a comfortable and comfortable working space.
      • V-Ikon Tower is equipped with backup generator to ensure 100% power consumption of the whole building at full load, and the ATS (Auto transfer system) will switch the power supply within 5 seconds. The building is considered to never power out. The lighting system for buildings, public areas, corridors and lobbies is controlled by BMS.
      • The building has 4 basements for parking, ensuring ventilation and meeting enough parking for employees working here and customers.
      • Communication system including wired phone, internet and television is a system designed with fiber optic axis running throughout the height of the building, ensuring good transmission lines, broadband, meeting all need. Each floor has transceivers that best serve mobile phones.
      • Fire-fighting system is a wet system, water pressure is always available in the pipeline and provided by an electric pump and a diesel engine backup pump. Automatic fire sprinklers are equipped with a closed area of ​​the building. Each floor is also equipped with 2 professional fire hose reels (for firefighters) and 2 semi-professional hose reels (anyone can use it for local fire fighting). There are also ABC dry powder fire extinguishers and CO2 foam arranged in handy places.
      • Security camera system is equipped in public halls, floor halls, basements, terraces, and other places at risk of intrusion. The building-equipped camera is an IP camera with a compact feature that requires little cable. The cameras are independently controlled by a separate server and connected to the BMS to monitor the operation of the system.
      General information Name of Building


      Address 131 Dien Bien Phu Street - Binh Thanh District
      Number of Storeys 4 Basement + 22 Storeys
      Lift 5 Lifts
      Ceiling height 3m6
      Direction Southeast
      year Completed 2019
      Typical floor 444 sqm
      Total Lettable area 10.203 sqm
      Grade Class A
      Rental and Office space Office space 197 - 372 - 433 - 444 - 888 - 1.332 - 2.220 - 5000 sqm
      Rental fee per sqm

      24 (usd/sqm/month)

      Management fee

      5.5 (usd/sqm/month)

      VAT (Value added tax 10%) 10%
      Total price per sqm 32.45 (usd/sqm/month)
      Lease term and payment Lease term At least 2 years
      Deposit 3 months
      Payment Quarterly in advance

      * Other costs not included in the rent at V_IKON Tower:

      In addition to the cost of rent 24usd /sqm/ month, customers have to pay additional costs as follows:

      • Management Charge 5.5usd/sqm/month
      • Value Added Tax: 10%
      • Parking fee
      • Electricity costs are calculated according to the price of the electric power business in Ho Chi Minh City
      • Overtime charges: Negotiation

      * Management fee in detail at V_IKON Tower:

      Management charge shall cover the following services:

      • Inclusive of the cost of central air conditioning in normal business hours
      • Elevators;
      • Machinery & electricity system maintenance (including without limitation, air conditioning system, equipment, and other fixtures);
      • Fire security
      • Cleaning services in common areas;
      • General cleaning of the building's facade
      • 24/24 security in common areas;
      • Pest control in common areas;
      • The lighting system in common areas and parking;
      • Backup power;

      For more information about the availability of office space for rent at V_IKON Tower, please feel free to contact Saigon Office:

      (+84) 28 3925 2582 - (+84) 901 413 388



      Phone: 0901 413 388
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