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        Monday, 04:44 Day 14/09/2015

        Along with the slowdown of the many fields in this difficult period, the real estate market (real estate) is no exception. However, in future, the strong recovery of the market is based, especially in the country's largest market - TP. Ho Chi Minh.

        These positive figures

        In a report summarizing the program supports economic restructuring, transformation of economic growth pattern period 2011 - 2015 the City People's Committee. Ho Chi Minh City recently, the city's real estate market is considered as being in active recovery, help for the real estate inventories - which was earlier fears - continued to decline significantly.

        Expected this year, the real estate sector achieved growth of 8%, accounting 5.5% in the service sector and a positive impact on other markets such as finance, labor, building materials, specialty especially revenue.

        On the whole country, also in the field of real estate business, the first eight months of 2015, the number of registered enterprises increased by 80.2% new establishment, while businesses have to be reduced by 26.5%, the number goes inactivity towel is 390, down 21.4% from the same period in 2014.

        The capital foreign direct investment (FDI) flowing into the real estate sector remained passable.

        According to the Foreign Investment Agency, Ministry of Planning and Investment, in the first 8 months of 2015, 18 projects have been registered, 7 plays capital projects with total registered capital of new and additional more was 1.82 billion US dollars, accounting for 13.7% of total investment capital.

        The foreign investors are planning to invest all the long-term real estate market in our country, in order to prepare for new opportunities, especially when the real estate market has made a positive transformation, both in terms of the wealth policy improvement and capacity to absorb the housing.

        According to the recovery of the market, the number of apartment transactions successfully across the country also increased.

        The statistics from the Department of Housing and Real Estate Market under the Ministry of Construction show that in August last, Hanoi has around 1,900 successful transactions, up 5% from the previous month and increased almost twice over the same period last year.

        Also in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, also in August, there were about 1,800 successful transactions, up 6% from the previous month and increased by almost two times compared to the same period of 2014.

        The number of successful transactions has increased suggests that the market is in a stable growth period. Not only recovered in the apartment segment, in recent months the land segment, villas, townhouses and better growth over the same period last year.

        The amount of successful transactions in the project focus has positioned, existing residential, traffic connectivity and good infrastructure ...

        Vietnam Real Estate Association recently launched data showed, the money is flowing into the real estate field.

        Real estate credit balance is now around 360 trillion, double the market when the crisis began (in 2009) and reached the level of 310 trillion at the real estate market peaked.

        However, the difference compared with the period of "land fever" real estate credit is the last time mainly on completing the construction of housing construction area sold or leased, to meet the housing needs of buyers rather than invest in the real estate business.

        The rising real estate credit, therefore, have a significant contribution in the liberation of the inventory in the field of construction, steel and cement ... to promote the field of production of construction materials, create more jobs do.

        In addition, credit growth over time are below 17% / year, far below the 37.8% growth in credit in 2007 was the year in which "bubble" real estate at the highest level.

        Real estate transaction is taking place normally, not speculation appeared, trading changed hands quickly, creating virtual prices in the market.

        Opens investment opportunities

        These favorable conditions for the development of the market is there, but there is not no worrying issues. One of the outstanding issues is the fear of oversupply.

        Numerous customers to visit, explore new projects Novaland According to the Department of Housing Management and the property market under the Ministry of Construction, as of the end of last August, the total value of real estate inventories are more than 60 thousand billions dong. Compared to a month ago, this figure is almost unchanged. Meanwhile, new projects continue to be open for sale, particularly in the segment of medium and high grade.

        This will make the real estate inventory is difficult to reduce further in the future, by the speed of the market to absorb not keep pace with the increase in real estate from the new project.

        Especially when a large supply but not really consistent with current needs, commercial apartments cheap affordable urban residents without housing have lower rate than the middle and senior.

        Of course, companies do not launch products without thoroughly investigating the market, which hit the market based on the report given by the research company specializing in the real estate market, that market liquidity has and will also increase consumer confidence due to increasingly improve.

        Property prices in many products project is considered reasonable to invest in as well.

        Moreover, the current buyer's quite easy in accessing credit sources. The products increasingly diversified real estate area, price, construction schedule is guaranteed.

        In addition, average interest rates compared to the current period of "land fever" is also much lower. Low interest rate environment and stability is one of the best possible conditions for the development of the property market.

        When the market enters a new cycle, investors also have to carefully consider in the design of the product best suited to the needs of real, commensurate with the amount that buyers have to spend. Such products are expected to help reduce the risk of inventory that stage had previously acquired.

        You also have to add that, the property is an investment channel favorite people ever. The investors have idle cash will be interested more real estate, help them preserve assets amid the financial market - even more volatile currencies.

        If this capital preservation comes with profitable opportunities from the lease, the property investment was increasingly popular. Real estate in our country is considered relatively attractive due to lower prices and higher profit rate than the market in the region.

        Trends in the short term real estate investors have returned, especially in the segment apartments with high liquidity resort real estate ... have profit margins rather than other investment channels.

        According PHI YEN

        Saigon Entrepreneur

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